Oysterville Selects™ Well Worth the Wait

Our home, the Willapa Bay, is the cleanest bay in the Continental United States.  It is also the only bay with no pollution in either the water or the sediment. We are proud to be a part of a heritage focused on keeping our pristine part of the world…pristine.

Oysters are a critical part of both this ecosystem and the world as a whole.  Not only does a medium sized oyster filter 50 gallons of water per day, but also 12% of each oyster shell is pure carbon pulled from the atmosphere.  They are one of, if not the, most efficient carbon sequestration strategy on the planet.  So efficient that our oysters mitigate the harmful effects created by more than 19 million miles driven by cars each year.

On top of all of this, we have implemented some of the most environmentally conscious farming practices anywhere.  It is a corporate priority to not just do no harm to the environment but to have a positive impact on our natural surroundings. As many know, eel grass is 35 times more efficient at sequestering carbon than trees.  We believe eel grass has a critically important influence on our ecosystem and we do everything we can to enable its growth and health. As a result, we harvest our beds by hand ensuring that only the oysters are taken and everything is left to thrive as it should in one of the most dynamic estuaries in the country.

Our oysters are more expensive. Mostly because our labor costs are significantly higher using this method, but also because we limit the number we harvest every year.  Our goal is to put as much effort into reducing the impact of C02 on our planet as it is to sell oysters for consumption. For you the consumer, this means that you can feel good about the positive impact you are supporting when you purchase from Oysterville Sea Farms. 

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