Direct to Chef Program

Chef preparing oysters

Uniquely Wild, Sustainable Oysters

  • Our oysters are totally wild and sustainable.
  • We do not dredge or use longlines that damage the environment.
  • All of our oysters are picked, culled and selected by hand.
  • We use small teams, in small boats on the beds to minimize the impact on eel grass and the environment in which the oysters exist.

Better quality with ZERO Waste

  • Constant Supply: We deliver twice a week (Monday and Thursday).
  • Freshest product available: All of our oysters are delivered within 24 hours of harvest…that’s 3-4 days sooner than local distributors.
  • Never throw an oyster out: We take back any unsold oysters and return them to the farm. We replace those oysters with fresh, just picked ones so you never have any waste.
  • Recycling Program: We provide waste containers for the shells so that we can wash, sanitize and return them to the farm.
  • Simplified pricing: No delivery or fuel surcharge fees

Our Catalog

Pacific Oysters




1” - 1.5”

Perfect Half Shell

Extra Small

1.5” – 2”

Small Bite Appetizers


2.0” – 3.0”



3.0” – 5.0”



5.0” – 8.0”

Special Occasions