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Oysterville Cannery
Oysterville Sea Farms Cannery (Artwork by Nancy Lloyd)


Willabay generates revenue for the restoration and preservation of Oysterville’s last oyster buildings. These buildings were placed on the National Register of Historic Places on April 21, 1976, and they are a key reason why Oysterville, Washington is designated a National Historic District.


No one can offer clams or oysters that are fresher than those sold at Willabay’s retail location in Oysterville, Washington. Willabay at Oysterville Sea Farms exploits its bayside location to offer clams and oysters that are harvested that same day. This is the standard all other Willabay products must be compared to when considering freshness. All Willabay products are made fresh in small batches. No preservatives are added (ingredients in the breading and baking mixes may contain some preservatives).


Willabay products begin with great recipes and ingredients. Many of Willabay’s recipes were created by companies that were acquired by Willabay. They would never have been acquired if they didn’t taste great. The great recipes purchased by Willabay set a standard for all recipes created by Willabay since.

Oysterman Shucking Oysters in Oysterville

Dan Driscoll Shucking Oysters (Artwork by Nancy Lloyd)