Learn how to open oysters



Don’t blame the victim. Everything in the Sea wants to eat an oyster. An oyster’s shell is its only protection. They are sharp and dangerous. Wear gloves or protect yourself with a towel.

To open an oyster, you need to cut the muscle that holds the two shells together.

Step 1: Knowing Where to Start

Start opposite of the hinge, keeping the long(cupped) side down.

Step 2: Entering the Oyster

A)Wiggle your knife between the two shells or B)Stab your knife between the two shells or C) Use a hammer to make an opening between the two shells.

Step 3: Cutting the Muscle

Once you have entered the oyster, wiggle your knife along the bottom of the oyster until you are one third to one half way down the oyster. Bring the blade towards you. This should cut the muscle. The oyster will open slightly when the muscle is cut. Scrape the muscle all the way off the bottom shell before pulling the two shells apart. Once the two shells are apart, scrape the oyster into a container. Rinse the oyster to clean it of any shell or sand it may have acquired in opening.